Download SichboPhone for Windows 10 PCs, Tablets and Mobiles.

Microsoft won't allow SichboPhone in its store without taking 30% of your top-up money — so stuff those guys, amirite?!

Here's how to install SichboPhone manually:

For "Recent" Windows 10 Desktop

(build 17134 or higher)

If you don't know what you have, just try this first. Simply clicking the link below should kick off a setup process:
Launch the App Installer*

For x86 and x64**

These new fangled builds automatically/silently keep up to date, which is noice!

* If launching the App Installer opens some weird dialog asking you to pick a program, go here and install the Microsoft App Installer:

If the App Installer says "Please install a newer version of windows", download the build for older Windows 10 instead.

** If you need an ARM64 build please get in touch. For ARM32 Nokia/Lumia phones, use the older build.

For older Windows 10 Desktop or Mobiles

(build 15063 or higher)

Download the setup file:
Download for crusty old Windows 10 (11.3MB)

For x86, x64 and ARM

Double click on the appxbundle, see if it installs. 🤞 If not, install Microsoft's App Installer and try double click the appxbundle file again. Scroll down to troubleshooting below if you can't get the App Installer to work.

Additional guidance for Windows 10 Mobile

Since Microsoft's mobile division have basically given up on life, you need to side-load SichboPhone by doing this:

  1. Download the older Windows 10 (build 15063 or higher) SichboPhone appxbundle file onto your phone from the link at the top of the page.
  2. On your phone, go into Settings > Update & Security > For Developers and enable Sideload apps.

    Enabling sideloading apps.
  3. Open File Explorer from your All Apps menu.

    Finding the File Explorer on Windows 10 Mobile.
  4. Navigate to the Downloads folder (or wherever you put it) and tap on the SichboPhone setup file

    Selecting the SichboPhone setup file from File Explorer.
  5. It'll ask "Would you like to install SichboPhone from Sichbo Interactive" (that's me!) Hit install.

    SichboPhone install confirmation.
  6. Go back to your start menu > all apps. After a few moments SichboPhone should show up at the top.

    If it doesn't show right away give it a minute. Unfortunately they don't bother to provide status about any apps being installed, or even if install fails or why (good job Microsoft 👍🙄) Windows might be downloading missing components in the background, so make a cuppa and then see if it's popped in.

    SichboPhone installed on Windows Mobile.


It hasn't worked - what now?

If clicking the file didn't simply install it on your start menu, try this:

  1. On your PC go into Settings > Update & Security > For Developers, enable Sideload apps. Click yes to Microsoft's big scary warning (God forbid we be allowed to download and install software on Windows like we've been doing since the '90s.)
  2. Fire up PowerShell with Administrator rights by right-clicking the start icon and selecting "Windows PowerShell (Admin)"

    Finding the Windows PowerShell with 1 right-click.
  3. Enter: Add-AppxPackage Path\To\Downloaded\SichboPhone_1.0.26.0_x86_x64_arm.appxbundle and hit enter.

    Windows PowerShell command.
  4. It should do something scary like say "ooooooooooooo".

    Windows PowerShell doing its thing.
  5. If all's gone well SichboPhone will now be on your Start menu.

Still stuck?

Give me a yell over e-mail and I'll do my best to help you out. Please mention your Windows 10 version and take any screen shots of the problem.