SichboPhone End User Agreement

Please actually read this - it's reasonably clear and succinct and failure to read it will probably result in you being disgruntled about something.

Even though this is not a wall of legalease with illegible capital letters everywhere, it is still a binding legal agreement between you and Sichbo Interactive and you have to agreed to these things in order to use SichboPhone. We've marked the key points in bold to help you plow through.

Also, if something in here makes you decide not to use SichboPhone please let Simon know! We can't fix what we don't know about.

  1. All phone related expenses are provided to you at wholesale cost + €1/month.

    Meaning we make no profit from your actual calls or activity — just your €1/month, which is stuff all and essentially non-profit. Please keep this in mind when dealing with us and don't be a jerk about it if the app or service don't work as well as you'd hoped.

    Unlike traditional landlines, inbound calls from the wholesale telco provider aren't free but they're fractions of a cent per minute, currently €0.0045/min.

    We're not going to be greedy about collecting your €1. We only collect the monthly fee if you actually have at least 1 active phone number. i.e. you're using the app.

  2. Both logging in and Pay-as-you-Go top-ups are performed through PayPal.

    In other words — your PayPal account is your SichboPhone account. Creating an account and logging in is free and we don't touch your PayPal unless you manually do a top-up.

    Also, because our €1/mo stipend is too small to absorb the cost of receiving top-up payments, we need to subtract a "SichboPhone top-up handling fee". For legal clarity and compliance with PayPal's User Agreement paragraph 4.6 which prohibits surcharges, our "SichboPhone top-up handling fee" is not a surcharge nor a penalty for using PayPal, but rather and administrative fee paid to us for a human to check on accounts to make sure all balances are accurately updated. This means the first time you add €10, your balance might be something like:

    Top-up amount: €10
    Handling Fee: -€0.50
    Balance: €9.50

    Also, since Sichbo Interactive is a Canadian business, we're not subject to VAT or other kinds of international taxes. We do however have to add, collect and remit taxes for our fellow Canadian customers. Sorry.

  3. You can cancel your account at any time.

    When you cancel we'll refund your remaining balance after everything's squared away with the wholesale telco provider. If there's somehow an overage amount you will be billed for it. We'll do our best to avoid that situation by rejecting any calls when your balance depletes, but it might not be 100% reliable.

  4. Actual phone/sms service is provided through Nexmo, a Vonage company.

    Sichbo Interactive is not a phone company and it is not affiliated with Nexmo/Vonage. Nexmo have a whole slew of their own acceptable use and terms and conditions . Nexmo's terms trump this agreement, and you need to agree to abide by their rules in addition to ours.

    If Nexmo complain about the activity of any of your rented phone numbers we have no option but to terminate your account and refund your remaining balance. We'll send you an e-mail if this happens, but note that we have a zero tolerance, no strikes policy. Otherwise they'll just shut us down, affecting everyone.

  5. SichboPhone should work fine with most standard landlines and mobiles but your phone numbers might not work at all, or may work incorrectly, with:

    - Emergency services
    - Toll-free numbers
    - SMS based identity verification systems (since there's no address attached to your number.)
    - Premium numbers
    - Collect calls or hotlines that have a special service charge.

    As with all mobile networks, SMS delivery is also not guaranteed and your mileage may vary. This is important because we/you are charged for undeliverable SMS messages. Yes it sucks - and we looked into it, but there's nothing we can do about getting dinged for failed text deliveries.

  6. The following things are not permitted:

    - Using the app in any manner that might subject us or any third party to liability, damages or loss.

    - Calling or texting to more than 10 different numbers within a 24hr period. This is our way of weeding out the 1% of people who will abuse the service, annoy the kind folks over at Nexmo, or drain our server resources ruining it for everybody else. SichboPhone is intended for mostly non-commercial use or perhaps scrappy little businesses that make only a few calls once in a while, like ourselves.

  7. Privacy and GDPR, etc...

    Nexmo, PayPal and Microsoft are external processors of your information, whom we have no control over.

    Sichbo Interactive will not sell your information, advertise to you or monitor your calls or texts, but for billing purposes we obviously need to keep a record of charges. This means we record the numbers "From", "To", the "Date and Time", and "Charge". Your texts and voice mail are on our servers until you delete them.

    You can delete your text and voicemail recordings from our servers right inside the app by right-clicking or tap & hold on the item.

    We'll delete your call/text history from our servers 30 days after account cancellation, however the telco provider Nexmo will keep a copy of call/text records for 13 months.

  8. The service and the app is a provided 'as is' and we make no warranty or guarantee of service availability of any kind. Use it at your own peril.

    Unfortunately our €1/mo fee isn't enough to cover the cost of sprawling server infrastructure or people's time to deal with a lot of support inquiries. Consequently, SichboPhone is intended to be largely self-service and by using SichboPhone you accept that it might go down from time to time and you agree that any dispute entered into with us will at most result in an apology, followed by an optional service cancellation and refund of your remaining account balance.

That's it.

If everything here sounds copacetic, feel free to use SichboPhone 👊 otherwise please go ahead and uninstall.

Last updated 2018-12-17